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COPINE-IoT - Convergence of Power and Information Networks for Internet of Things Applications

(Innoviris - BRIDGE)

Units : Wireless communications group | ULB812

Description :

Radio frequency (RF) energy harvesting is founded on the ability of converting the energy carried by an electromagnetic wave
through the air into electrical energy at the point of use. Though the physics behind RF energy harvesting is extremely simple and
clear, transposing these principles into marketable technological solutions poses challenging issues.

COPINE-IoT proposes the
development of an original WPT technology in which the traditional wireless information gateways (IGs) are complemented with additional
distributed and coordinated radiating elements, also referred to as remote power heads (RPHs). The RPHs shall be able of
intercepting the flow of information from the wireless sensors to the IGs in order to enable the beamforming of the electromagnetic waves
and sensors localization. The integration with the data communications system will permit the development of context-aware
algorithms for energy management at the whole network scale.

ULB-WCG is responsible for the design of the indoor localization of the
ultra-low power sensors based on the estimation of the communication signals angle-of-arrivals at the RPHs equipped with multiple

List of persons in charge :

  • DE DONCKER Philippe

  • HORLIN François

List of lessors :

  • Région bruxelloise