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Borders as an expression of statehood: formal and informal actors at play

Units : REPI Recherche et Études en Politique Internationale | ULB704

Description :

On the basis of previous research centering on the political economies of protracted conflicts in Georgia (PhD), this project
focuses on the subject of the establishment and the maintainance of borders and boundaries. It enlarges the field of study by looking
at formal and informal actors and processes, as well as local and international ones, and aims at bridging the divide between
micro and macro analysis. It focuses on a number of studies in, or on the fringes of, the European neighborhood, allowing for
fieldwork and data gathering among many relevant stakeholders. In addition to ongoing research on the Abkhaz-Georgian ceasefire line,
which predates the 2017 starting date and touches upon the creation of borders in conjunction with separatist processes, this project
focuses on the case of Javakheti in Southern Georgia and processes of borderisation and securisation of borders in the

List of persons in charge :

  • OLSSON Christian

List of lessors :

  • Fonds propres (patrimoine)