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GeoRisCA - Geo-Risk in Central Africa: integrating multi-hazards and vulnerability to support risk management

Units : Geospatial Analysis | ULB568

Description :

GeoRisCA (2012-2016) is a scientific project funded by the Belgian Federal Scientific Policy (Belspo).The main objective is the
assessment of the georisk in the Kivu region (DRC, Rwanda, Burundi), by analysing and combining seismic, volcanic and mass-movement
hazards as well as the vulnerability of the population, the infrastructures and the natural ecosystems, in order to support risk
management.The project is coordinated by the Royal Museum for Central Africa, in collaboration with the Université Libre de
Bruxelles, the Université de Liège, the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and the European Center of Geodynamics and Seismology. It is
conducted in close collaboration with local partners from the three targeted countries (Burundi, DRC and Rwanda).

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