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VALIURB: Urban sprawl and ecological corridors: Consolidation of VHRS remote sensing methods

Units : Geospatial Analysis | ULB568

Description :

The objective of this study is to analyse the evolution of built-up surfaces and vegetation in urban and suburban areas of
Brussels, Strasbourg and Rennes from high and very high spatial resolution images in order to characterize urban changes on the one hand
and precisely identify and characterize ecological corridors on the other hand. The methods developed by the laboratories of
Strasbourg (LIVE), Rennes 2(LETG-COSTEL) and ANAGEO will be exploited in order to define a multiscale methodological approach as
consolidated and reproducible as possible. This project is co-funded by the Belgian Science Policy Office and the CNES and will use
images of the new Pleiades satellites.

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