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A comparative approach of various forms of literary journalism, in English and French (literary journalism, gonzo journalism).

Units : Philixte. Literary, Philological and Textual Studies | ULB720

Description :

This study aims to theorise the genre and connect it to various forms of reportage, including photojournalism.  The project aims
to theorise the so-called « literary jounalism » as it developed from Tom Wolfe's New Journalism in the United States, as well as
gonzo journalism, or new new journalism. The project consists in defining the features of the genre, in assessing its literary
and journalistic value, and in studying its historic and thematic evolution. On the other hand, the comparative approach helps to
connect different corpuses of texts written either in English or French, and to define their convergences and divergences, so as to
link the so-called grand reportage by Kessel or Londres and literary journalism as practised by Capote and Didion, to name just a
few examples. The two researchers involved in this project are Isabelle Meuret and Grégory Escoufflaire, PhD student.

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