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TIMOTHY - Tracing and integrated modeling of natural and anthropogenic effects on hydrosystems - The Scheldt river basin and adjacent coastal North Sea (and related PhD)

Units : Centre for Economic and Social Studies on the Environment | ULB421

Description :

 The complex interactions between the continental and the marine systems and the impact of various human pressures which
superimpose on natural changes cannot be understood by simply correlating events. The combined use of various tracers (chemical elements,
isotopes, pathogens...) and mathematical models based on physical, chemical and biological principles offer an integrated
scientific methodology for addressing the challenges of: 1. understanding the functioning of complex hydrosystems; 2. describing the
transfer, transformation and retention of nutrients and contaminants along the river-ocean continuum 3. predicting their evolution under
natural and anthropogenic pressure, and 4. suggesting actions to prevent human health from being threatened by the pollutants and
ensure the sustainable use of natural resources (water supply, biological assets, recreation...). (more details :; PhD :

List of persons in charge :

  • HECQ Walter

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  • Autres U.E.