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Measuring Consciousness: Bridging the Mind-Brain Gap

Units : Consciousness, Cognition & Computation Group | ULB484

Description :

MindBridge is a collaboration between HNRU, ULB, UKE Germany (Andreas Engel), UCL UK (Geraint Rees), ULg Belgium (Steven Laureys),
and PUC Germany (Kai Vogeley). The general aim of this EU Nest program project is to bridge the gap between the inner subjective
(first-person)experience of consciousness, and the objective (third-person) observation of neural phenomena. Specifically, the aim
of this work will be to develop experimental methodologies that allow for correlating of subjective and objective measures of
awareness. In other words, the idea is to design tasks in which relative contributions of conscious and unconscious processing can be
distinguished, so that once we have people do these tasks in an fMRI scanner, the observed neural activity may tell us something
about the differences or similarities between conscious and unconscious processing.

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