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Cave-shelter of Tiène des Maulins, Éprave (province of Namur)

Units : CReA-Patrimoine. Research Centre in Archaeology and Heritage | ULB713

Description :

Archæological research is led from 1999 in the cave-shelter of Tiène des Maulins, in Éprave. At this stage, it is stated that
the cave was used or occupied at various times throughout the Iron Age, the Upper Palaeolithic (for this period, high C14 AMS
dating obtained is crucial for the understanding of the Aurignacian in Europe) and the Middle Palaeolithic. The first campaigns were
aiming to check the conclusions of the previous excavations (1955-65) and to make known the material found in the deposit. Work is
carried out in a palaeo-ethnic way and complimentarily with other scientific disciplines.

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