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CONSENTSUS (CONstruction of Scenarios and Exploration of Transition pathways for SUStainable consumption patterns)

Units : Centre of Studies for Sustainable Development | ULB561

Description :

Internationally, scenarios are being promoted as tools with a lot of potential for thinking about sustainable development
policies. Scenarios are plausible, challenging, and relevant sets of stories about how the future might unfold. The goal of developing
scenarios is to support more informed and rational decision-making, and its use is typically recommended in situations where
complexity, uncertainty, cross-scale and cross-sector interactions, and long-time horizons are the rule. Sustainable development has
exactly these kind of characteristics.  Within the field of sustainable development policy in Belgium, there have been expressions of
interest in explorations of the future. But the use of scenarios as well as the use of new concepts to guide policies towards
desired futures ' such as the concept of transition management ' are unknown in Belgian sustainable development policy.

List of persons in charge :

  • BAULER Thomas

List of lessors :

  • Autres ministères fédéraux