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Global Law - Coregulation

Units : Perelman Center for legal philosophy | ULB055

Description :

The aim of this research program on global law and coregulation is to define a theoretical model of ''Law and Globalisation''. The
Perelman Centre for Legal Philosophy carried out comprehensive study on the new trans-national mechanisms used by global actors
to challenge the limits of state's territoriality. A common reasoning - called the ''co-regulation'' paradigm - seems to command
the regulation of issues such as environmental law, Internet regulation, labour law and corporate social responsibility. In that
context, the Center is conducting various research programs, including a research on « Self-regulation and co-regulation of
corporate social responsibility in Europe », sponsored by the European Commission. The co-regulation paradigm helps to explain both
strategic and normative interactions as well as their regulation effects. Based on the results of theses previous research, the program
''Global law and co-regulation'' consists of an in-depth analysis of these interactions, in order to identify their
characteristics and to understand their nature. The final results expected from the research are the drafting of a comprehensive theory on
global law.

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