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Mechanisms of intracerebral transplantation in experimental models of neurodegenerative disorders

Units : Laboratory of Experimental Neurosurgery | ULB257

Description :

Study of the mechanisms of action of intracerebral implantation of foetal neurons in experimental models for Huntington's and
Parkinson's diseases. Particularly,  study of the neuroprotective and neurotrophic effects of intracerebral grafts of fetal neurons.
We have evaluated the effects of fetal striatal grafts in an excitotoxic model for Huntington'disease consisting in injecting
quinolinic acid, an agonist of NMDA receptor, in the adult rat striatum. We have shown that, although the grafted cells are poorly
maintained, functional improvements could be observed (A. Lubansu).  A higher survival of the grafted tissue could allow to enhance
reinervation and improve the clinical benefit.

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