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Department of Clinical and Differential Psychology

 The clinical and differential psychology department is involved in several researches, mostly based on clinical and projectives methodologies, as well as in several diagnostic investigations and evaluations of intellectual and behavioral dys/functions from a variety of perspectives (individual and society, clinical and anthropological, personality and psychic processes) and across the life span (childhood, adolescence, and adulthood). 

Unit of Developmental and Family Psychology

The principal topics of the unit are 1° perinatal psychology (parental experience of the pregnancy and the delivery, study on the attachement child-parent, premature delivery, impact of the post-partum depression on the child,...) 2° child psychology (impact of day nursery on the child, impact of divorce on the child, construction of the notion of time in child, gifted children, development in preterm infants), 3° adolescent's psychology (impact of divorce on the adolescent, identity problems in adolescents, deviances (drug addiction, suicide attempt...), 4° family psychology (new parentality, infertility, female identity, menopause and andropause).


Adoption and construction of the identity

Adoption and construction of the identity