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Laboratory of translational research, campus Brugmann

The unit consists of different research groups: 1) Laboratory of experimental immunology (F Corazza); 2) Clinic of Immunoallergology (O. Michel, VI Doyen);  3) Physiopathology of bone and calcium metabolism:  regulation of bone remodeling  and the role of the Parathyroid-hormone Related Peptide in its regulation (P. Bergmann, N. Nijs, R. Karmali); bone mass measurements in metabolic bone diseases (coll. with the dept of Nuclear Medicine (A.S. Hambye), the Dept of medicine (J.J. Body, S. Cappelle) and the Clinic of Rheumatology, A. Peretz); 4) Experimental surgery: grafts of foetal organs (V. Coulic, with the collaboration of the Dept of Surgery and the Laboratory of Pathology); 5) Clinical Research Unit (A. Peretz, T. Besse): conception, organization and gestion of clinical studies.


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