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Métrologie nucléaire

Research in nuclear engineering at ULB was started about 50 years ago. At the beginning of the sixties, Prof. Jacques Devooght (supported in particular by Profs. P. Baudoux, A. Jaumotte and P. Kipfer) initiated research activities in nuclear engineering, including theoretical as well as experimental activities. The theoretical activities were mostly dedicated to the analytical and numerical solutions of the Boltzmann equation for neutron transport. Experimental activities in nuclear physics as well as in neutron physics were also initiated at the same time. From 1960 to the present time, the research activities in nuclear engineering have, of course, strongly evolved. They can presently subdivided in 4 research themes : 
1) numerical calculus and development of numerical algorithms, 
2) Reliability, availability, maintainability and safety of industrial systems, 
3) physical aspects of nuclear engineering including interactions of ionizing radiation with matter (fundamental and applied aspects), simulation of nuclear materials, 
4) nuclear engineering including neutron transport, radioactive waste disposal, etc.


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