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The research developed in the Laboratory of Organic Chemistry and Photochmeistry (COP) covers several aspects: design and synthesis of novel mono- and polynuclear Ru(II) complexes with polyazaaromatic ligands nanometer sized, design and synthesis of oligometallic and dendritic metallic complexes, study and development of novel potential anti-cancer drugs, activated under illumination and based on metallic compounds, development of metallic photoprobes and photoreagents of DNA, new molecular tools for the study of DNA, interaction of metallic complexes with nucleic acids, design and synthesis of Ru derivatized oligonucleotides for the anti-sens or anti-gene strategy, and for study of networks, photochemistry of Ru(II) complexes in the presence of amino acids, oligopeptides and proteins, synthesis of Rh(III), Ir(III), Cu(I), Cu(II) complexes as novel materials with particular optical or/and electronic properties, as well as the development and study of novel Cu(I) complexes used as photocatalysts for organic synthesis and carbon dioxyde photoreduction


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