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Of kebabs and men. Brussels snacks between globalized flows and local regulation

The project aims to study the evolution and situation of Brussels fast food establishments offering mainly, but not exclusively, grilled meat sandwiches on the spit. By questioning their economic, sociological and political links with the city and its inhabitants, we will analyse the evolution of a type of trade that was originally part of ethnic entrepreneurship towards both a clientele and a social function outside its original "ecosystem", as well as the conditions that allowed this evolution.

Study of the socio-economic situation of COCOF school transport coaches.

In order to better understand the socio-economic situation of COCOF accompanying persons, we will collect from the latter, the available administrative data, previously anonymized, concerning the employment conditions of the whole population (contractual terms, working hours). / salary, socio-demographic profile, family situation, ...).
The quantitative analysis of these data will provide an overview of the situation of school attendants and will provide a first set of lessons.