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AZZI Assaad Elia


Center for Social and Cultural Psychology

The department is responsible for research activities in social and intercultural psychology


Immigration and political action

study of anti-discrimination struggle by immigrants via participation in political or legal action

Perception of new integration policies for immigrants

Since the beginning of 2000s, the European Union has witnessed a significant change in terms of integration policies for immigrants with the introduction of mandatory integration programs. These policies are characterize by the obligation to successfully pass tests of language and of cultural knowledges in order to access certain rights. This projects examines the perceptions of both the majority and the minorities toward these new integration policies by focusing on the influence of threat feeling and collective emotions. For this purpose, correlational and experimental studies are conducted.

Persistence and dropout in the pursuit of a Ph.D.

This projects aims at identifying the factors that predict the successful pursuit of a Ph.D. (as well as dropout).