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Person in charge of the Unit : Oui

The ATM department is active in the fields of aerodynamics, aeronautical engineering, aerospace engineering, thermodynamics, thermal engineering and applied mechanics. The ATM team has developed a broad know-how and undertakes research projects applying this know-how for theoretical matters, numerical simulations and also test benches and experimental investigations.

Center for Research and Engineering in Space Technologies

Person in charge of the Unit : Oui


Air-Oil Breathers for aero-engines

Air Coolant Oil Coolers (for aero-engines)

Customer-centered business models for zero-carbon energy scenario's

Hydrogen Airship demonstrator

This research project intends to develop a demonstrator of a UAV from the balloon type (or airship or LTA - Lighter Than Air) using hydrogen as a lifting gas. Airship propulsion and control are based on electric motors with energy stored in li-ion batteries. This demonstrator is a rigid airship that is about 14 m long and with a volume of about 130 m3. ATM has develop the gas bag technology for the hydrogen lifting gas as well as the pressure release valve and emergency release valve and their control and actuation system.