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Research Center in Biometry and Exercise Nutrition

Person in charge of the Unit : Oui

A first part of the research work is devoted to the study of the potentially toxic, mutagenic and carcinogenic effects of oral creatine supplementation. Indeed, in sports circles, this substance is widely used in order to improve performance.

We are also conducting studies on the effects of essential amino acid supplementation (EAA) during muscle building training.

Our unit has become, in just a few years, both a center of expertise and reference in the context of nutritional monitoring for both high-level athletes and amateurs, but is also at the forefront of the development of nutritional strategies for target populations such as the elderly.

ULB Interdisciplinary Research Institute for Sports

U-IRIS is intended to bring together research skills existing at ULB in the fields of sports and physical activity in order to stimulate collaboration and interdisciplinary research. The research carried out within U-IRIS could be the basis of evidence-based advice in various fields of sport and physical activity. ULB and each of U-IRIS partner groups, as well as their existing activities, platforms, infrastructures and collaborations, will gain in visibility, both internally and externally in a promising and rapidly evolving field.

The research carried out by U-IRIS is designed to be both fundamental and applied. It is developed around five major axes:
- clinics / sports medicine
- high level sports / performance
- rehabilitation / handicap and sports
- sports and society (including education through sports)
- prevention / public health / nutrition.

The groups participating in U-IRIS represent the Faculties of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Medicine, Psychology and Educational Sciences, Motor Sciences, the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, the School of Public Health, the Research Department, ULB-Sports and the Erasme Academic Hospital.


Preparation of sporting performance

Effects of supplementation with essential amino acids, β alanine, nitrates, creatine on performance and body composition (by DXA).
Metabolic and body composition adaptations following different types of training.
Validation of tools for measuring energy expenditure during exercise.
Measurement of energy expenditure during different types of activity.
Measurement of nutritional intake by diary and questionnaire.