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Elementary Particle Physics

Experimental research in elementary particle physics with accelerators and colliders experiments CMS at the LHC; H1 at HERA-DESY, Hamburg; OPERA at CERN) and in astroparticles (neutrino telescope IceCube); grille de calcul intégré; instrumentation developments (data acquisition systems); node of the intensive computing grid (LHC GRID). 


Search for nu-mu/nu-tau oscillations (CHORUS experiment)

Search and identification of the reaction  nu-tau + N -> tau- + X in the CERN muonic neutrino beam using a high spatial resolution vertex detector (nuclear emulsion) coupled with a tracking device made of scintillating fibers, with a calorimeter and a muon spectrometer. RetD on scintillating fibers (CHORUS detector) and capillaries with scintillating liquid (active targets)