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Elementary Particle Physics

Experimental research in elementary particle physics with accelerators and colliders experiments CMS at the LHC; H1 at HERA-DESY, Hamburg; OPERA at CERN) and in astroparticles (neutrino telescope IceCube); grille de calcul intégré; instrumentation developments (data acquisition systems); node of the intensive computing grid (LHC GRID). 


Expérience CMS au LHC: recherche du boson de Higgs

Deployment of a distributed computing infrastructure (GRID), in particular for the elementary particle physics research

The IIHE deploys a computing farm comprising about 1000 processors, to analyse the data collected at the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC). This farm is integrated in the LHC Computing Grid, a worldwide computing infrastructure which is shared by more than 200 universities and laboratories, and that will comprise several tens of thousands of processors.