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GOBIN Corinne


Research group on international actors and their discourses

Person in charge of the Unit : Oui

This project is focused first on the analysis of the socio-political representation of actors within the EU political system. These actors not only include the European Authorities (European Council, Council of Ministers, European Commission or European Parliament) but also the main social actors such as trade unions and employers' organizations. Our objective is to investigate the nature of this political system and its evolution by considering not only the EU level but also its articulation with the national and international level. Our motivation is to study how Democracy is a collective production through overall the declaration of social rights. A specific interest is aimed at the wage rights and the collective actors who support them. Secondly, we are also interested by the lexical circulation at the international scale in the field of the fundamental social rights.In order to do so, lexicometric methods, as well as other research tools linked at the critical discourse analysis, will be used to study discourses and institutional/official texts.


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to be translated

Euro Trade-unionism inside the European Union

Analysis of the strategies and programme of the Euro Trade-unionism in its sectorial and cross-sectorial dimensions.