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ReSIC: Research Center in Information and Communication

ReSIC explores the vast and multidimensional field of Information and Communication sciences.  The research conducted at ReSIC investigates, on the one hand, the content, organization and evolutions of mass media, past and present and, on the other hand, organisational communication, public relations and marketing, and in particular the way new tools and technologies are impacting on network dynamics.  A third concern is the use of digital information, its organization and management in mechanisms of knowledge sharing, as well as data preservation, collection and transmission.  Furthermore, resarch is conducted in the field of semiotics of performing arts, with particular attention to drama reception and audiences.  Combining research and field work on cultural, media and technological issues, the ReSIC research team is working in close connection with civil society organizations, professional journalists, private and non-profit corporations and cultural bodies

PHI. Philosophy

The PHI - Research Centre in Philosophy supports a conception of philosophy as a living practice deeply engaged in the present.   It is from this perspective that not only the different fields of philosophy (logic, metaphysics, ontology, epistemology, theory of science, ethics, aesthetics'), but also its history and its various trends, are approached.  The members of the PHI consider this diversity as a crucial condition for both teaching and an active and relevant involvement in the contemporary issues and debates as well as in the problems developed from other fields (art, law, politics, sciences, as well as the production of knowledge in general).


Argumentation and Humanities

To study all the aspects and features of argument theory and rhetoric, especially in the humanities