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DAUPHIN Alexandre


Physics of Complex Systems and Statistical Mechanics

The activities of the group contribute to the physics of complex systems, nonlinear physics, statistical mechanics, andthe theory of stochastic processes, specially in nonequilibrium systems.The group is part of the Interdisciplinary Center for Nonlinear Phenomenaand Complex Systems (CENOLI)

Center for Nonlinear Phenomena and Complex Systems

Complexity addresses from a unifying point of view a large body of phenomena occurring in systems composed of interacting subunits. It constitutes a highly interdisciplinary, fast-growing branch of science and provides a privileged interface between mathematical and physical science on the one side and real-world complex systems on the other, as encountered, in particular, in life sciences. The Center is devoted to research on complex systems and the related fields of nonlinear science, statistical physics, thermodynamics, physical chemistry, systems biology, and simulations techniques. It contributes to the promotion of these topics thanks to training and visitor programmes, meeting organization, and the participation to national and international projects. It is composed of researchers of the academic staff of ULB, permanent FRS-FNRS researchers, postdoctoral researchers and graduate students. It is attached to the departments of physics, chemistry and biology of organisms of the Faculty of Sciences, as well as to the department of chemistry and material science of the Faculty of Applied Sciences.


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