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The Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Bioethics, (CRIB) was established in 1987. Its task is to address the ethical issues arising from the development of Biomedical & Health sciences and technologies: medical ethics, history and philosophy of medicine, environmental ethics, ethics of biotechnologies, gen-ethics, applied ethics, neuroethics... Inter-disciplinary in the broadest sense of the word (Medicine, Biology, Philosophy, Law...), the CRIB supports a pluralistic and free-thinking approach.  The CRIB is linked to a Master of Ethics Program. Since its foundation, it has worked closely with the Belgian Advisory Committee on Bioethics. The documentation center of the CRIB includes a library and a database that offers bioethical information.  


Methods and methology in bioethics.

Analysis, from a philosophical point of view, of the methods and methodology of bioethics considered as essentially interdisciplinary. Major issues : 1. ''neutral'' identification and analysis of bioethical problems; 2. successive stages of analysis and discussion of a problem; 3. types of contexts; 4. types of norms (ethica1, legal, scientific, administrative...); 5. principles; 6. specific input of philoso

Critical Analysis of the ethical aspects of the EEC R et D politic

Analyse critique des aspects éthiques de la politique de R et D de l'Union européenne, spécialement les recherches en éthique biomédicale au sein des Programmes-cadres, du point de vue de la philosophie morale, des sciences et politique

A critical inventory of the main bioethical resources in the developped world. A data base.

The critical inventory of the main bioethical resource, in the world (E.U., International Organization, North America, South-East Asia and Australia, mainly) includes (1) fundamental bibliography; (2) most important centers and organization; (3) legislation and deontology; (4) resource-persons. This inventory is in progress and available as a data base.

Encyclopedia of Bioethics

Réalisation d'une encyclopédie pluraliste et pluridisciplinaire avec 120 collaborateurs internationaux