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ZORBAS Christiane


RNA Metabolism

RNA is central stage in gene expression. The 'RNA Metabolism' Lab is trying to understand why all cellular RNAs are working in very close association with proteins within so-called RiboNucleoProtein particles or RNPs. My Lab is interested both in the modes of synthesis and function(s) of the RNPs under normal and disease situations. Defects in the synthesis and/or function(s) of the RNPs irremediably lead to severe human auto-immune and genetic diseases. Our fundamental research therefore has clear biomedical implications. One of our our major experimental paradigm is Eukaryotic Ribosome. These large RNPs are mostly synthesized within a specialized subcellular compartment: the nucleolus. Nucleolar morphogenesis is therefore also of great interest to the Lab. Nucleolar function provide an excellent readout for the overall cellular activity and cancer cells specifically over express nucleolar proteins which are thus potent markers for diagnosis and prognosis. Our research also focuses on these nucleolar proteins. 


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