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BioControl (Biosystems Modeling and Control) (3BIO-BioControl)

Faculty of Applied Sciences | Discipline: Chemistry and materials

Faculty of Applied Sciences | Societal impact: Food

Faculty of Applied Sciences | Societal impact: Health

(Code: ULB820)

Person in charge of the unit : BOGAERTS Philippe.


• Mathematical modeling and parameter estimation of biological systems
• Model-based optimization and control of biological
• State estimation (software sensors) for biological systems
• Biological network analysis (metabolic flux analysis, flux balance analysis,
flux variability analysis), especially for underdetermined systems (more unknown fluxes than available equations)
• Typical applications : microorganism
(yeast, bacteria) or animal cell cultures in bioreactor (batch, fed-batch, perfusion) in the framework of agro-food and biopharmaceutical industries

Campus : Campus du Solbosch
Location : Campus du Solbosch, Bât U, porte D, niveau 5
Address : CP165/61 - Avenue F.-D. Roosevelt, 50 - 1050 Bruxelles
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