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Laboratory of Neurophysiology

Faculty of Medicine | Erasme Campus

Interfaculty institutes | UNI, ULB Neuroscience Institute

(Code: ULB193)

Person in charge of the unit : SCHIFFMANN Serge.

What are the genes, neurons and neural circuits underlying animal behaviors is a long standing question that we explore in The Neurophy lab using mice
models or the genetic model organism C. elegans.

Our research sheds light on how genes control neuronal functions such as synaptic functions, excitability and circuits; how neurons encode behaviour; how
mutations affect neuronal functions, information processing and behaviour. A coordinated effort across all our teams allows to observe, map, perturb and
model brain circuits with state-of-the-art technologies. Our goal is to lead to a major advance in basic science, that will, in turn, provide critical clues
to therapeutic approaches.
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Campus : Campus Hospitalo-Fac
Campus Erasme
Location : Campus Anderlecht-Erasme, bâtiment C, niveau 3, local C.3.134
Address : CP601 - route de Lennik, , 808 bte CP601 - 1070 Anderlecht
Phone number : +32-2-555.42.30 / 64.07
Fax : +32-2-555.41.21
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Disciplines CRef :

 • Anaesthesiology

 • Biophysics

 • Development neurology

 • General physiology (biophysics)

 • Internal medicine

 • Metabolism

 • Neurology

 • Neurophysiology

 • Pathological physiology

 • Physiology of non vascular plants