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Marine Biology (BIOMAR)

Faculty of Sciences | Biology of Organisms

(Code: ULB119)

Person in charge of the unit : DUBOIS Philippe.

Bioecology of marine benthic invertebrates, especially echinoderms : aquaculture, biodiversity, biomineralization, development, ecotoxicology, general
biology, nutrition, reproduction, symbioses. The marine biology unit of the ULB is closely associated to its equivalent of the Mons-Hainaut University within
the ''Centre Interuniversitaire de Biologie Marine'' (CIBIM

Campus : Campus du Solbosch
Location : UC5. 230
Address : CP160/15 Bruxelles
Phone number : +32-2-650.28.39
Fax : +32-2-650.27.96
E-mail :
Web site :
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Disciplines CRef :

 • Animal ecology

 • Biological oceanography

 • Fishings and aquacultures

 • General physiology (invertebrates)

 • Osteology

 • Special zoology

 • Species morphology (zoology)

 • Species systematics (zoology)

 • Zoogeography