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Centre of Studies for Sustainable Development (C.E.D.D.)

Faculty of Sciences | IGEAT - Institute for Geography, Environment and Land planning

Interfaculty institutes | EBxl : Network of Brussels studies of the ULB

Interfaculty institutes | iiTSE: Inter-faculty institute for socio-ecological transformations

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POINT, FP7, European Commission

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Analysing the role of indicators in policy

CEECEC : Civil society engagement with ecological economics

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Analysing conflicts and use of natural resources in the light of ecological economics theories. Partners: Univ. Autonoma de Barcelona (E), Univ. Klagen ...



Household Energy Consumption and Rebound EffectThe aim of the project is to study the rebound effects linked to the increased efficiency of energy use  ...

WellBeBe - Towards theoretically sound and democratically legitimate indicators of well-being in Belgium

Autres ministères fédéraux.

Sustainable development will not be achieved without some fundamental changes in our patterns of living. Therefore, it will be necessary to rely less o ...


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This collaborative project ' InContext (Individuals in Context) ' will address gaps in the currentunderstanding of the complexity of the contexts of in ...

Facing environmental and territorial impacts of climate change in the Walloon Region

Fonds propres (patrimoine).

PhD on regional adaptation to climate change

Adaptation to climate change in developing countries (West Africa)

Fonds propres (patrimoine).

PhD 2008-2012


Entreprises privées.

Study of policy instruments aimed at reducing energy consumption in various socio-economic groups in Belgium

Sustainable Consumption : What Role for Consumers ?


This project has allowed the organisation of seminars aiming at pooling and discussing research led in Belgium and other European countries (UK, France ...



The BElgium Ecosystem Services (BEES) cluster project aims at identifying and stimulating research on ecosystem services in Belgium. It will do so main ...

Integration of Standards, Ecodesing and Users in energy-using products


The ISEU (for Integration of Standards, Ecodesing and Users in energy-using products) project is conceived as an integrated socio-technological study a ...

Enhancing methodology and feasibility of Sustainability Impact Assessments (SIA) for the Belgian federal level

Région wallonne.

State-of-the-Environment reports and score-boards for Wallonia :

CONSENTSUS (CONstruction of Scenarios and Exploration of Transition pathways for SUStainable consumption patterns)

Autres ministères fédéraux.

Internationally, scenarios are being promoted as tools with a lot of potential for thinking about sustainable development policies. Scenarios are plaus ...

Easy-Eco, Evaluation of Sustainability. European Conferences and Training Courses (Marie Curie)

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Organisation of the final international conference of the Easy-Eco program in Brussels, about sustainability assessment

Climate change mitigation policies and social justice in Belgium

Entreprises privées.

Case studies to explore convergence and contradictions between these two objectives