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Laboratory of Anatomy, Biomechanics and Organogenesis (LABO)

Faculty of Medicine | Erasme Campus

(Code: ULB190)

Spatio-temporal analysis of clinical parameters to assess locomotor disorders

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The aim of this project is to assess the relationships between lumbar and pelvic pain and several gait parameters using a GAITRite electronic walkway.  ...

Evaluation of misalignment of lower limb before and after surgery

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The aim of this project is to fuse of repercussion on knee joint of misalignment of lower limb after in-vitro 3D low femoral osteotomies. In this proje ...

Heterogeneous in-vivo data fusion

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The aim of this research is to fuse data related to various aspects of clinical motion analysis : motion data, electromyography, force plates, ground r ...

Subject specific modelling for a better understanding of the locomotor disorders

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Physically based prediction of joint and muscle force distribution using multibody mechanics and numerical methods of mixed dynamics requests accurate  ...

Mechanisms and factors influencing articular surface development in the mouse limbs

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Study of the elbow-joint formation:mesenchymal differenciation into bone, cartilage and synovial cavity.  Experimental investigation of the factors inf ...

Embryotoxic effects induced by the administration of 2-Methoxy-Ethanol to the pregnant mouse

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Intraperitoneal administration of 2ME on day 10 and day 10 + 6H of a 10 mM/kg doseinduce skeletal fetal malformations (limbs and spine).  Microscopic s ...

Anatomical origins of temporal dispersion products in the auditory system of the dog

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Recording of the kernels obtained by the stimulation with the maximum length sequences method from scalp electrodes and from eighth nerve electrodes in ...

Auditory evoqued potentials and anatomical changes during the maturational period of the auditory system

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Recording of the brain stem auditory potentials evoked by rarefaction and condensation clik stimulation in two-week to two-month-old puppies.Study of t ...

Audiogram determination in puppy dogs using the ASSEP method

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ASSEP methods allows objective and fast determination of frequency-specific auditory thresholds and hence the building of an audiogram

Non invasing evaluation of auditory tuning curves using a masking method

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ASSEP threshold elevation by superimposition of narrow band masking noise or pure tones masking noise allows an estimation of the auditory tuning curve ...

Determination of the best parameters for the recording of evoked otoemissions in dogs

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Otoemissions resulting from two primary pure sounds are distorsion products emitted by the cochlea. They allow the evaluation of outer hair cell functi ...

Study of the biological behaviour of canine oligodendroglioma

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Beside the morphological characteristids allowing the evaluation of the oligodendriglioma behaviour, additional indication are looked for through the r ...

Study of the feline cerebellar cortex histological maturation using immunohostochemical markers

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Cell division, cell cycle exit and cell maturation are followed for the different cell type of te cerebellar cortex during the perinatal period

Study of maturing Purkinje cell cycle re-entry associated with feline panleukopenia virus infection

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Parvoviral protein expression in Purkinje cells and Purkinje cell degeneration during perinatal feline panleukopenia virus infection mught be a model o ...

The study and expression of stress proteins of the HSP90 family during the embryonic development of the mouse

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Study of the expression of stress proteins (HSP) family 90 during embryonic development in mice