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Spectroscopy, Quantum Chemistry and Atmospheric Remote Sensing (SQUARES)

Faculty of Sciences | Chemistry

(Code: ULB165)

Computational atomic structure

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Calculation of atomic structures and data including energy levels, electronaffinities, radiative and non-radiative transition rates, lifetimes of excit ...

Ab initio calculation of molecular structures

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Quantum Chemistry methods are used to calculate the structure and the dynamics of small stable and unstable molecular species, having a direct experime ...

Atomic and molecular dynamics and reactivity

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In this research project we study the properties (energies, radiative transition probabilities, autoionization rates and population mechanisms) of mult ...

Molecular vibration

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Acquisition of spectral data at high resolution using interferometric techniques and ultrasensitive lasers, eventually coupled, revealing the structure ...

Infrared and UV-visible line profiles

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Measurements of absorption line parameters (positions, absolute intensities, widths) and absorption cross-sections using Fourier transform spectroscopy ...

Molecular agregates and prebiotic molecules

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Develop spectral simplification techniques using supersonic jet expansion coupled to a Fourier transform spectrometer and a laser diode system (CRDS),  ...

Reference spectroscopic data

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Absorption line parameters (positions, absolute intensities and widths) and cross-setions of stable molecules in the infrared-UV-Visible ranges (600 -  ...

Spin isomers

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Understand and exploit experimental spin conversion mechanisms.

Spectroscopy in the near infrared

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Measure line parameters (positions, absolute intensities and pressure effects) in the near infrared range, through development and use of sensitive and ...

Technological development

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We develop instrumetns in the laboratory: A high resolution Fourier transform spectroscopy is coupled to intracavity laser excitation (FT-ICLAS); A sup ...

Software development

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We write software to (i) treat high resolution spectra allowing to measure line profiles parameters including instrumental contribution of lasers or in ...

Spectral analysis and model-Hamiltonians

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High resolution spectra of di- and poly-atomic molecules recorded in various spectral ranges are analysed. In this framework, we contribute to the theo ...

Atmospheric composition measurements by infrared spectroscopy from satellites

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Monitoring of the atmosphere and study of its composition change, from analysis of remote sensing satellite observations using infrared spectroscopy. D ...

Ground-based measurements of the atmospheric composition by infrared spectroscopy

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Exploitation of ground-based solar occultation measurements for atmospheric chemistry and climate applications. Study of a selection of atmospheric spe ...