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Fluid and plasma dynamics (Aqua)

Faculty of Sciences | Physics

(Code: ULB106)

Fusion plasma physics

F.R.S.-FNRS et Fonds associés (hors FRIA) - FRIA - Autres U.E. - Financement de base institutionnel.

Kinetic theory and modelling of transport processes. Theoretical and numerical study of turbulence in magnetically confined plasmas. Influence of radio ...

Modelling and simulation of turbulent conductive flows in the limit of a low magnetic Reynolds number.

FRIA - Autres U.E..

Most fluid flows encountered in real life fall into the category of turbulent flows. As such, they are characterised by very complex motions that can b ...

Theoretical and numerical study of hydrodynamic and magnetohydrodynamic turbulence

F.R.S.-FNRS et Fonds associés (hors FRIA) - FRIA - Fonds associés (toutes subventions, y compris la Loterie Nat.) - Autres fonds publics belges - Autres U.E..

Development of large eddy simulations and application to hydrodynamic and magnetohydrodynamic turbulent flows. This technique is based on a scale separ ...

Foundation of Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics

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Rigourous derivation of autonomous exact kinetic equations, starting from an enlarged dynamical description of systems in the thermodynamical limit. Ir ...

Study of airborne particles

Région bruxelloise.

Physical and chemical characterisation of airborne particles in urban environment