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The EU as an international actor

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European Criminal Area

PAI - Autres U.E. - Fonds propres (patrimoine).

Building of a European Criminal Area within the European Union : analysis of the different aspects of this area : harmonization and approximation of la ...

Migration and Asylum in the EU

PAI - Autres U.E. - Fonds propres (patrimoine).

Legal study on the building of a European migration and asylum policy : free movement of persons, visas, external borders controls, définition and rig ...

Human rights protection in the European Union

PAI - Fonds propres (patrimoine).

Protection of Human Rights in the European Union and in its external relations ; relations with others systems of protection (national systems, Council ...

Competition Law - Public sector : public services, universal services, state aids, etc.

PAI - Région wallonne - Autres U.E. - Fonds propres (patrimoine).

Research on the implication of EC Law on the organization of the Public services. Notion of universal service

Competition Law - private sector

PAI - Autres U.E. - Fonds propres (patrimoine).

Competition Law - private sector : articles 81 and f. of the EC Treaty

Institutional law

PAI - Autres U.E. - Fonds propres (patrimoine).

Study of the structure and the institutional evolution of the EU : treaties, constitution, jurisdictional system of the EU, role of the European Parlia ...