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LISA - Virtual Reality (LISA-VR)

Faculty of Applied Sciences | Discipline: Information technology, intelligent systems

(Code: ULB830)

Skills of the unit :

 NAS Synology DS1817 8 trays with 5 8Tb hard disks in RAID 5
NAS for backups and storage of recording and all other research projects data.
 15x Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K with lenses and recorders
These 4k cameras are currently used on a 3x5 rig allowing to acquire a scene with several viewing angles. A flying case contains 15x fast sd card recorders allowing to easily move these cameras and even allowing a battery power supply if it is mandatory.
 Nextengine Desktop 3D Scanner
This 3D scanner allows to acquire small objects with sub-millimeter precision using a rotating table but also bigger objects (apx dimension ~1m³) by moving the scanner around it at a distance of apx 60-70cm.
 5x workstations with NVidia 1080 Ti GPU
These 5 powerfull workstations allows to develop 3D algorithms using Cuda programming language for researchs in the view synthesis field.
 3D positioner for cameras
Home made instrument allowing to automaticaly move a 2D/3D camera along three axes with millimeter precision step for each acquisition in 1m³ volume.