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Pharmacology, Pharmacotherapy and Pharmaceutical care

Pharmacotherapy and Clinical Pharmacy

     - Detection and resolution of drug-related problems in cancer patients
     - Medication adherence in asthma and COPD
     - Analysis, development and implementation of pharmaceutical services in community pharmacies 
     - Implementation of diagnostic self-test in community pharmacies and healthcare relationship 
     - Development and implementation of mobile health application
     - Impact of a clinical pharmacist on the medication reconciliation
     - Impact of phytoherapy in cancer patients (personalized medicine)

Cardiovascular pharmacology

     - Study of the protection of the vascular endothelial function against different deleterious agents 
     - Study of the vasodilating and antioxidant activities of natural products


Etude des activités vasodilatatrice et antioxydante d'extraits de plantes d'origine congolaise sur l'aorte isolée de rats

This project is

Cancer et phytothérapie

Study of the effects of second-hand smoke and air pollution on the vascular function

Impact of a clinical pharmacist on the medication reconciliation

Study of the endothelial function of isolated rat aortas.

The aim of this project is to determine the effect of a long-term treatment with drugs (ACE inhibitors, statins) on isolated rat and mice aortas. Some models of endothelial dysfunctions (incubation with oxidized LDL, nitrate tolerance, diabetic rate) are used to demonstrate and analyze the treatment effects.  Part of work focus on endothelial-NO synthase (eNOS) knock-out mice.