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Pharmacology, Pharmacotherapy and Pharmaceutical care

Person in charge of the Unit : Oui

Pharmacotherapy and Clinical Pharmacy

     - Detection and resolution of drug-related problems in cancer patients
     - Medication adherence in asthma and COPD
     - Analysis, development and implementation of pharmaceutical services in community pharmacies 
     - Implementation of diagnostic self-test in community pharmacies and healthcare relationship 
     - Development and implementation of mobile health application
     - Impact of a clinical pharmacist on the medication reconciliation
     - Impact of phytoherapy in cancer patients (personalized medicine)

Cardiovascular pharmacology

     - Study of the protection of the vascular endothelial function against different deleterious agents 
     - Study of the vasodilating and antioxidant activities of natural products


HealthCAre RElationship and diagnostic self-TEST in Brussels-capital region

While the introduction of diagnostic self-tests in the pharmacy is considered a way to empower patients and help them to take informed decisions about their health, it also represents a challenge for the healthcare relationship: at first instance, the relationship between the patient and the healthcare professionals (HCP), and at second instance that between pharmacists and general practitioners (GP). Our research aims to explore how this new controversial element of the healthcare system influences this relationship, and to identify the factors that may encourage or impede a partnership relationship between healthcare providers and patients. A mixed-method design will be used to analyze the perceptions and practices of patients and healthcare professionals (pharmacists and general practitioners) with regard to diagnostic self-tests and the way they influence the healthcare relationships. This will inform the co-creation, pilot testing and evaluation of a tool to facilitate a partnership approach for the guidance process that extends from obtaining acquisition about the diagnostic self-test to the follow-up of a diagnosed chronic disease.

Drug-related problems in Belgium from community pharmacies to hospital

Medication adherence in asthma and COPD: context analysis and development of a mobile health application

Implementation study of pharmaceutical services in community pharmacies