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REPI Recherche et Études en Politique Internationale

REPI is a research unit, mainly dedicated to research and studies in international politics at the Université libre de Bruxelles. It is linked to the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences. REPI fosters fundamental research in the field of international relations and aims at providing a high quality framework for the research in this field (PhD dissertations, publications, conferences...). Depending on available resources, members of REPI can also provide specific expertise for national and international institutions. Furthermore, the research centre encourages the dissemination of knowledge in international relations to a larger audience and represents a convenient space for discussing the teaching of international relations within the university.  REPI also organises seminars and summer schools for professionals and young scholars.

Director : Christian Olsson


Jean Monnet Network on Atlantic Studies

The Jean Monnet Network on Atlantic Studies is an initiative across the four Atlantic continents by ten leading EU-oriented research centres to collaborate in the interdisciplinary exploration of three emerging pan-Atlantic themes: energy; commercial interactions; and pan-Atlantic challenges to human security.

The budgets of regional organisations

This project addresses a significant gap in the longstanding research on regional organisations: the lack of knowledge about how the budgets and resources of regional organisations – specifically those located in the Global South – work and what patterns of payment modalities, hegemony and external dependence reveal about the regionalisms at stake.