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Department of control engineering and system analysis

The research activities of the SAAS group are essentially oriented in two directions:
- Supervision and fault diagnosis of technical systems based on mathematical models
- Advanced control of nonlinear dynamic system subject to constraints, with emphasis on reference governor methods
The developed methods are applied to a wide range of areas including:
- Electric energy production, distribution and storage
- Mechatronics (UAVs and robotics)
- Industrial processes


Constrained control of lithium-ion battery based on an electrochemical model (EchM)

The use of an electrochemical model (EChM) to represent a battery cell allows obtaining accurate estimation of its state of charge (SOC) and state of heath (SOH). In this way it is possible to extend the limits of usage of the battery while ensuring safe conditions of work. This requires formulating and imposing specific constraints on the electrochemical states. To this end a constrained controller is needed. The challenges from the control point of view stems from the nature of the model and the available measurements. Indeed, the EChM is made of a set of partial differential equations coupled by a highly nonlinear output function, the electrochemical parameters are estimated and only the current in input (I) and the voltage in output (V) of the battery are known. The problem is to find a suitable solution that can use the advantages of an EChM within a constrained control design framework. The next step is to extend the results to manage a battery pack.