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ReSIC: Research Center in Information and Communication

ReSIC explores the vast and multidimensional field of Information and Communication sciences.  The research conducted at ReSIC investigates, on the one hand, the content, organization and evolutions of mass media, past and present and, on the other hand, organisational communication, public relations and marketing, and in particular the way new tools and technologies are impacting on network dynamics.  A third concern is the use of digital information, its organization and management in mechanisms of knowledge sharing, as well as data preservation, collection and transmission.  Furthermore, resarch is conducted in the field of semiotics of performing arts, with particular attention to drama reception and audiences.  Combining research and field work on cultural, media and technological issues, the ReSIC research team is working in close connection with civil society organizations, professional journalists, private and non-profit corporations and cultural bodies

Center for the Study of Politics

The Cevipol (Centre d'Etude de la Vie Politique) is a research center of the Philosophy and Social Sciences Department of the Université libre de Bruxelles. It specializes in political sociology and comparative politics.  Research within the Cevipol focuses on political life, institutions, actors, and the norms and resources of democratic systems. The processes of action, mobilisation, and legitimation are examined with both qualitative and quantitative methods, from a contemporary perspective that takes into account the long view.  While consistently opening fresh empirical debates, the Cevipol updates traditional themes of political science: the distribution of power and resources among social groups, the different forms of authority, elite recruitment, conflicts between interests, identity or memory, and the weight of norms and values. 

Four thematic axes structure the intellectual identity of the Cevipol 
- Parties, Elections, and Representation
- European integration: redefining communities, sovereignties, and values in conflict
- Identities, societies, powers in comparison. A qualitative approach of political systems 
- Sport and Politics


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