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Center of criminological researchs

Officially created in 2000, the Criminological Research Centre has developed its research activities since 1995 within the School for Criminological Sciences, an annex of the Law School of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (Free University of Brussels). The members of the CRC (27 members) are all criminologists, but most have training in law, sociology, anthropology, political science, philosophy, psychology or history as well, so that research is eminently interdisciplinary. Through its participation in most of the governmental research projects, the CRC has gradually developed expertise within the framework of empirical research, particularly in qualitative methods. This expertise covers most of the functioning of criminal justice, ranging from police to prison and including the public prosecutor, juvenile justice, assistance for youth, the criminal code and social work within the justice system. It generally focuses on crucial issues: local police and policing, security feeling, youth conflicts, local courts, community sanctions, drug use, justice system models, restorative justice and so on. 


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