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Research Laboratory on Human Reproduction

Research work in close relation with reproductive science including Assisted Reproductive Technologies: fertility preservation program, genetic of infertility ; and cryobiology of gametes. The laboratory also develops different aspects of Bioethics and Epidemiology in the reproduction field.


In vitro maturation and oocytes vitrification in human: efficiency and clinical implications

This project aims to evaluate and developed in vitro maturation technique and oocytes vitrification to improve the survival rate and the developmental competence of the oocytes after thawing. This project allows to develop alternation to the ovarian tissue cryopreservation procedure to preserve fertility. Ongoing study in human and mice also evaluated the safety and the efficiency of adapted ovarian stimulation protocol using letrozole for breast cancer patients in order to collect and vitrify oocytes by avoiding harmful effect of hormones on tumoral progression during treatment.