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NOEL Julie


J.-C. Heuson Breast Cancer Translational Research Laboratory

Dr. Sotiriou and his team developed several prognostic and predictive genomic signatures, of which the most representative is the 'Genomic grade Index' (GGI) that allow patients classification into different prognostic groups following their disease history and the different benefice to chemo or hormonal-therapy. The team was also one of the first to develop a gene signature summarizing the immune function, showing the importance of the microenvironment in the natural history of the disease and in the response to treatment.Ongoing Research: Molecular characterization of breast cancer using next generation sequencing techniques; Identification of prognostic and predictive markers in breast cancer ; Evaluation of the role of the tumor microenvironment (including immune components) in breast tumor invasion/dissemination ; Molecular characterization of the minimal residual disease (circulating (CTCs) and disseminated (DTCs) breast tumor cells ; Study of epigenetic changes associated with breast tumor genesis and response to different therapeutics ; Studies of functional readouts of key molecular pathways involved in breast tumor genesis and response to different treatments including targeted agents.


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