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BARRY Boubacar


Laboratory of Anthropology of Contemporary Worlds

The LAMC gathers together researchers who share methodological and theoretical angles however applied to diverse research themes and areas.Three main orientations underline our common scientific endeavour:1) A interpretive anthropology that looks at human experiences and competences ' hence rooted into an approach to culture that takes into account the reflexivity of the subject as well as anthropologist's reflexivity in the production of her knowledge.2) An anthropology of multiculturalism, which considers any anthropological object through the lens of history and of its global and local dimensions, whether it is ''far'' in space or ''at home''. Today, social worlds are shaped by multiple flows (made of individuals, goods, techniques, ideas) involving complex and endless processes of reconstruction by agents and collectives themselves;3) A comparative anthropology which, through the fine-grained description of specific cultural processes in different regions of the world, aims at a better understanding of what means to be ''human''.


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