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Energie électrique (BEAMS/ELEN)

École polytechnique de Bruxelles | Discipline : Systèmes électromécaniques et processus des fluides

(Code: ULB826)

Responsable de l'unité : GYSELINCK Johan.

A long-standing research activity of the Electrical Energy group concerns the operation, the monitoring and the protection of power systems. In particular,
the group has a large expertise in the design of numerical protection relays for HV lines transformers, generators and motors, and in the design of
monitoring systems for Power Quality analysis. Ongoing research deals with the maintenance, the reliability and the stability of power systems, and with the use
of synchronized Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs).

The Electrical Energy group also carries out research in the domain of dispersed generation and
renewable energies. The focus is on wind energy and the control of wind turbine generators in the presence of grid faults and generator faults.

The modeling,
the simulation and the control of electrical machines and drives constitute another axis of research. Induction machines and synchronous machines are
modeled by means of finite element models and dq-models. Part of our attention goes towards the development of online detection systems for faults in induction
motors. Further, a major topic for more than 20 year is PWM control of railway traction drives and the related spectral problems.

Another research axis
is devoted to switch-mode power supplies (modeling and simulation of electrical, magnetic and thermal problems, topologies, analog and digital control,

The unit is active in the following research fields: : 
Electric Vehicles
Electrical Machines and Drives (design, control,
Numerical Methods for Electromagnetism
Power Systems protection
Reliability and Security of Power Systems
Renewable Energies (wind, photovoltaic)
processing of measurements on the grid
Smart Grids
Smart metering

Adresse : CP1050 - Av. F. Roosevelt, 50 - 1050 Brussels
Téléphone : 26502663
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Domaines Frascati :

 • 2.2 Génie électrique, électronique, ingénierie informationnelle

Disciplines CRef :

 • Enseignement des sciences de l'ingénieur

 • Machines moteurs électriques