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BioControl (Biosystems Modeling and Control) (3BIO-BioControl)

École polytechnique de Bruxelles | Discipline : Chimie et matériaux

École polytechnique de Bruxelles | Impact sociétal : Alimentation

École polytechnique de Bruxelles | Impact sociétal : Santé

(Code: ULB820)

FishMod - Mathematical modeling for ecosystem approach to fisheries management in Vietnam

Financement de base institutionnel.

Research context

In  the  last  decades, Vietnamese  fisheries  have  developed  intensively.  This  sector  is  of  course  of  primary importance  ...

SuNuP - Optimization of the microorganism fermentation and drying conditions for the production of dry and active sourdoughs, starters and probiotics

Région wallonne.

Research context

The goal of the SuNuP project is to understand the mechanisms involved in microorganism resistance to drying through an analytical  ...