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Unité de Recherche de Neurophysiologie et de Biomécanique du Mouvement

In an open space at the Faculty of Motor Sciences, the LNMB (Laboratory of Neurophysiology and Movement Biomechanics) embraces searchers with different backgrounds encouraging interactions under common propositions:

“Movement is inescapable in understanding the human essence of sensorimotor, cognition, emotion, and social communication processes. Oscillatory brain activity is their crucial mechanism.”

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Biological patterns recognition by Deep Learning models

In joint collaboration between the LNMB and the Machine Learning Group (Computer Science Department, ULB), this doctoral thesis focuses on improving myoelectric prosthesis control using camera-guided neuromuscular pattern recognition by Deep Learning models trained with synchronized EMG, EEG and 3D hand pose estimation during controlled activities in virtual reality. The project also encompasses brain-computer interfaces (BCI) and electrophysiological diagnostic tools (EDT). 

Collaboration : Prof Guy Cheron & Prof Gianluca Bontempi