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Health Economics, Health Facility Administration and Nursing Science (CR1)

School of Public Health | Research Centers

(Code: ULB743)

Person in charge of the unit : PIRSON Magali.

Research in the laboratory focuses on the understanding and characterization of (bio) molecular complexes. NMR, UV/VIS Spectroscopy and micro-calorimetry
are extensively usedin order to obtain insight into the complex problem of molecular recognition. 

Campus : Campus Hospitalo-Fac
Campus Erasme
Location : Ecole de Santé Publique, Bâtiment A, campus Erasme
Address : CP592 Bruxelles
Phone number : +32-2-555.40.56/46.65
Fax : +32-2-555.40.56
E-mail :

Domains of the unit :

 • European Studies, International Relations and globalisation

 • Neurosciences