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EU-Latin America relations and the limits of normative inter-regionalism

Unité : REPI Recherche et Études en Politique Internationale | ULB704

Description :

This project aims to understand how recent the political transformations in Latin America and Europe have affected the normative
component of EU-LAC inter-regional relations. By assessing both the latest developments of the inter-governmental and
inter-parliamentary dimensions of EU-LAC relations, it intends to understand the impact of recent disintegration trends encountered within the
two regions on EU-LAC inter-regionalism. Therefore, it aims to analyse whether the principles historically supported by the two
regions in their relationship have been contested or deteriorated by the newly-elected leaders/parties in the two sides, and what
are the manifested effects when it comes to this particular inter-regional relations. In doing so, this action will also examine the
stage of current EU-LAC, EU-Brazil, and EU-Mexico Strategic Partnerships, considering that these three dimensions are key
components of EU-LAC overall relations. Although previous literature on the topic has vastly explored the history and the key issues of
EU-LAC relations, the new disintegrative dynamics identified have demanded novel studies to assess how the normative features of
current and future inter-regional relations between the two continents have been challenged. By simultaneously looking at three
spheres of EU-LAC hybrid inter-regionalism, this research intends to innovate by not only examining one aspect of EU-LAC relations as
done by previous studies. In fact, it aims to reach a comprehensive assessment of EU-LAC overall relations by combining and
contrasting three of their component dimensions (EU-LAC SP, EU-Brazil SP, and EU-Mexico SP), highlighting key differences and
commonalities among them.

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