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Health goal interference and facilitation in transitional phases in young adulthood


Unité : PACE | ULB839

Description :

Emerging adults undergo life transitions such as entering the workforce and higher education, or becoming a parent, that present changes in the physical
and social environment. Such changes in the environment present resource constraints that may lead to goal interference, i.e., progressing in one goal at the
expense of another due to time or energy limitations. Goal interference and facilitation is often studied between concrete actions (e.g. preparing a
healthy meal and driving children to leisure activities), whereas healthy lifestyles can also facilitate or interfere with personal values (value of being a
caring parent). Using the ecological momentary assessment (EMA) method, this study aims to investigate vertical goal facilitation and interference between
health goals (physical activity and diet) and personal values among the emerging adult population (18-30 years old) as they navigate social role transitions.

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